Family Promise Montgomery

What is Family Promise?

On every night of the year, many children and their families are homeless in Montgomery. Due to the shortage of affordable housing combined with tough economic times, family shelters are overflowing. Thinking that it can only happen to certain types of people is unwise. Imagine a family losing their home or apartment to fire with nowhere to go. Motels are expensive and soon the family runs out of money. This is how easily homelessness happens. It happens often. It can happen to anyone, maybe even you.

Families faced with homelessness typically have to leave the area to find help. A forced move at a time of crisis causes more problems. Children are uprooted, separated from schools and friends. Parents may have to give up a job. Support provided by family and friends may be lost. In this difficult time of their lives, shelters are unable to provide calm, comfort, safety, and individualized support necessary to help homeless families rebuild their lives. Our organization helps three to five families to achieve lasting independence. We do this by providing safe shelter, meals, and support services for homeless.

Our Mission Statement: "Partnering with faith houses and community organizations, we assist families in the Montgomery County Area to transition from homelessness to stability and independence through compassionate guidance, shelter and education."